EnerBroker: your partner for green energy and e-mobility

EnerBroker: your partner for green energy and e-mobility

EnerBroker will exhibit at E-CHARGE 2023.

EnerBroker is a specialized B2B distributor for energy efficiency: photovoltaic, thermo-hydraulics, LED lighting and e-mobility (R-ev) of which it is a manufacturer, CPO and MSP.

EnerBroker is a company of R-GROUP, an integrated green energy player based in Italy.

The electric mobility division (R-ev) has a dual role: MSP (Mobility Service Provider) and CPO (Charge Point Operator) for which it offers an interoperable e-mobility platform and a recharging infrastructure.

R-ev already has 7.4 kW (WallBox OneBlack), 22 kW (Wallbox Street), 24 (FC 24 Station) and 50 kW (FC 50 Station) charging stations on the market and the 180 kW station is coming.

In addition, it is also equipped with a management platform and an APP that can be downloaded from both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

EnerBroker is pleased to welcome you to its stand at Bologna Exhibition Centre, 16-17 November 2023.