Galdieri Energy, energy for e-mobility

Galdieri Energy, energy for e-mobility

Galdieri Energy will exhibit at E-CHARGE 2023.

Galdieri Energy is the natural evolution of a 70-year-old business towards sustainable mobility. It is the brand, launched by Galdieri Petroli in 2018, which offers a complete range of solutions for recharging electric vehicles, with columns of different powers and characteristics, capable of serving the needs of residential, semi-public and public use.

All products are state-of-the-art in terms of safety and reliability, cost-effective, easy to install and use.

Recharge Fast is the super-fast recharge column, designed with a modular composition that allows the power to be expanded from 60 to 480kW, as the business for which it is destined expands. It is ideally used in stations and service areas to complete the fuel offer, in road haulage companies or in other sectors, in public bodies.

The Wallboxes can be in the wall or stand version, have a power supply from 220 to 380V and the ability to deliver from 3.7 to 22 kWh depending on the model. They can be installed in companies, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, condominiums, public or private car parks. They can be activated with the start switch in private areas, or supplied with an RFID card with a pre-loaded amount or managed via a dedicated App, if located in public spaces.

Galdieri Energy is pleased to welcome you to its stand at Bologna Exhibition Centre, 16-17 November 2023.