MATCAVI, EV charging cables 100% Made in Italy

MATCAVI, EV charging cables 100% Made in Italy

MATCAVI will exhibit at E-CHARGE 2024.

MATCAVI Srl, established in 1992, is an industry that produces power cords and charging cables with die-cast plugs.

In 2019 MATCAVI Srl added a new line of products to the consolidated production of power cables, creating charging cables for electric cars 100% Made in Italy.

With its 30 years of experience, MATCAVI Srl has established itself for the professionalism and competence of its staff, anticipating market demands.

The know-how of MATCAVI Srl  is a solid basis for ensuring the quality of services and products, manufactured within its own factory equipped with all the systems and devices necessary for modern, effective processing, operating in full compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

The materials used are purchased only from specialized companies and subjected to strict controls and checks for a greater guarantee of quality.

All products are tested and certified by the major European and world institutes.

The production of charging cables with die-cast plugs uses the most modern automated systems, to always guarantee maximum sealing and the best contact resistance.

The creation of the charging cables goes through a series of pre-established phases, carefully supervised and verified step by step.

MATCAVI is pleased to welcome you to its stand at Bologna Exhibition Centre, 7-8 May 2024.