Micrometals, magnetics core solutions since 1951

Micrometals, magnetics core solutions since 1951

Micrometals – together with Itaca – will exhibit at E-CHARGE 2023.

Micrometals is a global industry leader in the design and manufacture of soft magnetic powder cores used in inductors, coils and transformers for power applications in industrial, communications, transportation, consumer, medical, and defense products. Our customers are driving advances in electric vehicles, EV chargers, renewable energy, medical imaging, efficient power conversion and smart devices.

Founded in 1951 and headquartered in California, USA, Micrometals is the largest manufacturer of distributed gap powder cores in a variety of standard materials, shapes and sizes. We formulate our own powders to assure they meet the highest quality and performance standards and provide unmatched consistency to our customers.

While we offer thousands of off-the-shelf products, Micrometals has unmatched capabilities to provide quick-turn modified products, custom geometries and customized materials to solve challenging application requirements.

As an engineering focused organization, we offer a free, on-line software design tool that helps customers come up with the optimal inductor solution for their applications. In addition, we work closely with our customers’ design engineers to further optimize the design and arrive at the most cost-effective solutions that meet their technical requirements.

Micrometals is operating 3 global production sites and is ISO and AITF certified.

Micrometals and Itaca are pleased to welcome you to their stand at Bologna Exhibition Centre, 16-17 November 2023.