2024 Conference Programme

The 2024 conference programme will be published shortly. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can visit the 2023 programme:


Main topics:

  • Electric charging as a fundamental piece of the transport energy transition First session
  • Second session: CPOs round table
  • EV Charge financing and business models
  • The upgrading of distribution networks for new models of electricity absorption from charging
  • Wireless charging for vehicles, static and dynamic solutions
  • The new frontiers of charging: Plug&charge, the proximity network on the street, the conversion of fuel distributors into mobility service hubs
  • Innovations in EV Charging and Wide Bandgap Technologies
  • Mobile charging systems and services


Main topics:

  • EV Charging and public opinion in Italy
  • HPC between technological and market opportunities, industry and formal standards and protocols
  • Residential charging, key to the mass diffusion of e-vehicles
  • V2G and V2V: what are the prospects?
  • Smart charging, storage, standard protocols
  • Innovations in EV Charging and Wide Bandgap Technologies
  • Fast charging for buses and trucks
    Charging networks from pioneering to maturity: maintenance, reliability, infrastructure revamping, cybersecurity
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