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E-CHARGE 2025 is the only European Exhibition and Conference exclusively dedicated to the entire industry and supply chain of EV charging technologies, infrastructure and system solutions.

E-CHARGE 2025 is the first trade show in Europe which represents – with an innovative and specific industry vision – topics, contents and excellences of a fast growing market both nationally and internationally.

E-CHARGE 2025 showcases charging solutions and technologies, infrastructure and services, products and systems, and reflects the interaction between electric vehicles and a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply network.

E-CHARGE 2025 is an industry hotspot for technology providers and systems suppliers, network and service suppliers, EV chargers manufacturers, distributors, main contractors, CPOs and EMSP/ESPs, installers, utilities, public administrations, investors, researchers, end users etc., in the emerging field of electric mobility and charging infrastructure and solutions. Its goal is to help companies to develop and promote their technologies, services and business in the field of traction technologies, charging infrastructure and electric vehicles to push forward an even more sustainable e-mobility future.


Products, systems & services

• Charging systems for e-bikes
• AC wallbox charging systems, wall-mounted
• AC column charging systems
• Fast and ultra-fast DC charging systems
• High power DC charging systems HPC
• DC Mega Charging Systems MCS
• DC pantograph charging systems
• Mobile on-demand electric recharging services
• Fleet charging systems
• Compatible Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charging stations
• Wireless systems
• Charging networks
• Battery powered systems (BESS)
• Main contractors
• Charging Point Operators (CPOs)
• E-Mobility Service Providers (EMSPs)
• Charging station infrastructure, design, construction and operation services
• Payment systems
• Technology Providers (TPs)
• Instrumentation, tests and controls
• Components

• Electronics
• Hardware
• Software
• Certification
• Laboratories
• Services
• Consultants
• Investors

• Associations and institutions
• Media

Visitor profile

• Electricians / Electrical and plant installers
• Public officials/administrators
• CPOs
• Energy & Utilities companies
• End users
• Owners and managers of places open to the public (hospitals, stadiums, schools, cinemas and theatres, places of worship, etc.)
• Owners and managers of bars, restaurants, hotels and hospitality facilities
• Owners and managers of workplaces

• Fleet operators
• Car rental companies
• Owners and managers of gas stations
• Parking lots owners and managers
• Road and highway managers
• Owners and managers of shops and retail stores
• Owners and managers of shopping centers

• Condominium administrators
• Owners and managers of property and land
• Port and airport companies and undertakings
• Rail transport infrastructure companies and undertakings
• Owners and managers of gas stations

• Manufacturers of electric vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, commercial, professional and industrial vehicles, agricultural vehicles, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, ships, planes, etc.)
• Dealers and retailers of electric vehicles

• Consultants
• Investors
• Service providers
• Design and engineering companies
• Training and universities
• Research and development
• Associations and institutions
• Journalists
• Others

Become a part of E-CHARGE 2025

Request information from our sales staff to exhibit in the only European event exclusively dedicated to the entire sector and supply chain of electric vehicle charging technologies, infrastructures and solutions.

The project
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