ANIE officially supports E-CHARGE 2024

ANIE officially supports E-CHARGE 2024

E-CHARGE 2024 enjoys the patronage of ANIE.

ANIE is the Italian Federation representing the Electrotechnical and Electronic Industry operating in Italy.

Since 1945 ANIE is an active and recognized interlocutor for the Stakeholders addressing framework policies in Italy and abroad and offers to Member Companies a platform where they can confront with a whole community of industries.

More than 1,300 companies in the electrotechnical and electronic sector are now member of ANIE.

The sector employs 500,000 people with an aggregate turnover (at the end of 2021) of 76 billion euros. The associated companies, suppliers of high technological systems and solutions, are an expression of the technological excellence of Made in Italy, result of significant annual investments in Research and Innovation.

In ANIE there is a transversal group among the associations that deals with the theme of E-Mobility which is joined by the companies that build all products that regard with the charging infrastructures for electric vehicles.

ANIE is glad to welcome you to E-CHARGE, Bologna Exhibition Centre, 7-8 May 2024.