Zhejiang Innuovo Magnetics: No Innovation, No Future

Zhejiang Innuovo Magnetics: No Innovation, No Future

Zhejiang Innuovo Magnetics – together with Itaca – will exhibit at E-CHARGE 2023.

Founded in 2002, Zhejiang Innuovo Magnetics, belonging to the private Hengdian Group, one of the largest in China, is specialized in manufacturing Sintered NdFeB, Bonded NdFeB and Injection NdFeB magnets.

Products widely praised by customers from industries like Electric motors, Electric vehicles, Magnetic Couplings, Compressors, Lift traction machines, functional materials for modern industries.

With advanced equipment in magnetic industry, a professional QC management and EPR/Bar code tracking system, Innuovo owns a complete process control and monitoring ability.

The company employees exceed 1,000 persons, with over 200 quality and technical personnel, and occupies 90,000 m² construction area. Production capacity of NdFeB magnets reaches 6500 T/y.

Innuovo Magnets is today one of the largest and most qualified permanent magnet manufacturers in China. The company has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 and GJB9001B certificates + 14 existing patents, 8 invention patents, 1 invention patent authorized by USA, 5 utility model patents.

Innuovo Test Center owns complete test equipment which test and controls processes and products to ensure the quality. Production Equipment includes 400 jet milling, 800Kg Strip Casting Furnace, Full automatic coating line internally, Oxygen Free Sintering Furnace and Automatic Oxygen Free Pressing Machines.

Zhejiang Innuovo Magnetics and Itaca are pleased to welcome you to their stand at Bologna Exhibition Centre, 16-17 November 2023.